Kurumba Renewal of Vows - In Another World

The Maldives

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Kurumba - In Another World

Kurumba Maldives In Another World - Maldives Wedding

A Promise of Togetherness in this World … or any other. An experience that takes you beyond the normal and regular, a journey together into a place of magical belief. Renew your Vows in this liquid paradise

With your own Private Yacht and Butler set sail to a location into the unknown. Descend into the depths, leaving the land of the known and reaching a place of magic. As you read your Vows to each other, the fish, coral and all the creatures of this little known part of our world, stand witness. The Judge joins you in Matrimony, you kiss the bride and behold a display of celebration around you.

Take a Journey of the heart from this world, into the next. Surface amidst a shower of flowers and petals. A Wedding cake, Fine Champagne and some Canapés to celebrate await you.

Welcomed at Kurumba, with Traditional Drummers and Flower Girls, march to the beats of the traditional drums across the Jetty, to an awaiting Buggy, where you are then transported to your Room.

Relax over a light lunch and after begins an experience of Aquum. Welcome to the Aquum SPA , where a special treatment designed to be shared awaits you. Feel your senses come alive as both of you relax with a wellbeing massage and a radiance facial.

As the evening sets in, your Butler calls on you, you step outside your room and witness a setting for you floating in the sea. Step on board this magical floating Pontoon, taste from an exquisite selection of the best of the Surf and Turf and yet another experience begins. A Three course meal, complimented by the finest Champagne.

Retire after the day in your Villa only to slip into a bath infused with exotic essential oils to stimulate your senses. Another surprise awaits. Wake up to a Champagne breakfast on the Beach in front of your room.

As you stare into to the Land of the living, share a moment as one of the few to Renew their Vows in another world, the few to witness Magic.

The Ceremony

Ceremony arranged as follows:

  • Begin the day with a Dive and your Ceremony under the water.
  • You will be taken to an Underwater Altar, where your judge awaits you.
  • The Ceremony follows.
  • A Renewal of Vows certificate, beautifully carved on wood is presented as a memoir, you enjoy the Fun Dive after and sail back to the island
  • On the boat, The Bride and Groom cut their wedding cake, pop a Champagne complimented by some Canapés to celebrate your reunion.
  • Welcomed by the Traditional drums and flower girls, you are taken back to your room, where you relax over a light lunch served by your Butler.
  • The Butler on a pre arranged time, picks you up and takes you to the SPA for the Absolute Spa Ritual: Inhale the sounds of nature that merge with our therapist's gentle touch. Wash away the past to reveal the new. The peaceful journey begins with a wellbeing massage to unravel any stress held in the mind or body. From the soles of your feet to the crown chakra, your entire body will be embalmed in aromatic oils and soothing hands. A Facial completes this experience to leave you departing with grace and radiance.
  • You are taken back to your room after your treatment.
  • The evening begins with a table just for the two of you in a magical setting.
  • Pop a bottle of the finest Champagne and enjoy a Barbecue dinner as the Chef grills the Best of the Surf and Turf to your liking. You are served a Three course meal by your Butler.
  • After Dinner, as you return to your Honey Moon Villa, a romantic turndown service awaits you, bringing back memories of your first night together as husband and wife with an Aromatic Bath.
  • Wake up to a Champagne breakfast on the Beach, reliving the night before forever.
  • Your Butler Congratulates you and hands over a Framed photograph, a CD with the pictures of the Ceremony and an Album for you to keep your memories forever and bids you farewell.
  • Congratulations on being one of the few who get to witness Magic and Renew their Vows in another World


  • Any specific Garments to be worn underwater would have to be brought along by the guests.
  • The Resort shall provide the Dive Suit and all other equipment necessary.
  • Please note that the resort needs a minimum of 6 days to plan and organize the event.
  • The Renewal Of Vows in another world is only open to guests with a minimum qualification of Certified Open Water Diver, they are requested to carry along their Certification cards.
  • Charges for Guests/ Divers accompanying the couple for the Ceremony will be charged extra as applicable.

Price - USD 2650

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