Royal Island Maldives Resort and Spa

The Maldives

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Royal Island Maldives

Royal Island Maldives Resort and Spa

Royal Island Maldives is the place you should go to if you're looking for a getaway from the everyday worries and problems of a busy life, and you find yourself longing for luxury, peace and quiet.

The island has lush greenery and unbelievably white beaches of the finest sand encircling it; and warm and utterly clear blue waters, which are host to a huge variety of marine life, surround the whole island.

Royal Island MaldivesThough verification of time periods is in progress, there are signs that the island was inhabited in ancient times. There is for example an ancient bath that can still be seen not far from the main reception.

As you arrive on Royal Island Maldives, you are greeted by the staff with a free welcome drink, and a fruit basket awaits you in your room.

While you are on your dream holiday on Royal Island, you can enjoy yourself to the maximum by making use of the generous free offers that come with it. All sports on land are free except for night time tennis, and there are also a large variety of water sports you can enjoy, including free windsurfing and snorkelling equipment for the whole of your stay.

Royal Island Maldives - Spa

The herbal and Ayurvedic spa is another highlight of any stay on this resort. Set near the main restaurant, the spa affords you the opportunity to ease away all your tensions, with experienced and friendly practitioners assisting your complete enjoyment of the various treatments available there.

Royal Island Maldives - Scuba Diving

The dive centre is a haven of friendly efficiency and expertise. It offers everyone from the novice to the highly experienced diver the delights of the beautiful and wondrous dive sites near the resort, and the chance for those of you who already have or want dive certification, the opportunity to gain them under the care and guidance of the Delphis team on Royal Island.

Superb accommodation, enchanting scenery, gastronomic delights in the coffee shop and restaurants, and the engaging ambience of luxury amidst nature will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by the end of your holiday.

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