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Sharks of the Maldives

Maldives is the paradise for divers. Divers who come to the Maldives in search of sharks of the Maldives will not be disappointed. Thousands of tourists visit the guest houses in Maldives and Maldives resorts each year just to see a glimpse of different types of sharks found in the waters of the Maldives. It has been estimated that in 2002 divers to the Maldives spent over US$ 9300000 just on visits to specific shark watching dive sites.

Over 26 types of sharks are found in the Maldives.

 Some of the widely spotted sharks in the Maldives are:-

* Whale Shark
* Tiger Shark
* Hammerhead Shark

Sharks of the Maldives - Whale shark

A size comparison of a whale shark and a humanWhale shark or Rhincodon typus is the largest living fish. Despite its large size, it is not a dangerous species. It is sometimes seen by divers, normally during southwest monsoon off the east coast and during the northeast monsoon off the west coast. The whale shark being rare and endangered, is a protected species in the Maldives.

Sharks of the Maldives - Tiger sharks

Tiger sharks or Galeocerdo cuvier is one of the most dangerous sharks. It attacks divers, swimmers and even boats. The tiger shark has the worst reputation as a man-eater amongst tropical sharks.

Sharks of the Maldives - Hammerhead Shark

Three species of hammerheads are said to occur in the Maldives. However, Sphyrna lewini is the only one that has been definitely recorded and confirmed. Large schools are observed by divers near A. Rasdhoo and a few other sites.

A list of sharks found in the Maldives:

* Tawny nurse shark
* Zebra shark,
* Variegated shark
* Starspotted smooth-hound shark
* Snaggletooth shark
* Silvertip shark
* Bignose shark
* Grey reef shark
* Silky shark
* Blacktip shark
* Oceanic whitetip shark
* Blacktip reef shark
* Spottail shark
* Tiger shark
* Sliteye shark
* Sicklefin lemon shark
* Blue shark
* Scalloped hammerhead
* Whitetip reef shark
* Small tooth sand tiger shark
* Bigeye thresher shark
* Thresher shark
* Shortfin mako
* Sharpnose sevengill shark
* Bluntnose sixgill shark
* Kitefin shark

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